With a number of incredible teachers at Decatur High School, picking one to be named teacher of the year is always difficult. DHS submitted three candidates to a committee to determine our teacher of the year. The three candidates were determined by the faculty and staff's votes. The candidates submitted a 1-2 page essay on their philosophy of education. The winner by using a rubric to help evaluate the essays. This year Megan Hulsey was selected! Mrs. Hulsey has been teaching at DHS for four years, and currently in her seventh year as a teacher.

Mrs. Hulsey teaches AP Computer Science Principles, Exploring Computer Science, Geometry, and Honors Geometry, all the while assisting as girls' soccer coach and a freshman class sponsor. Mrs. Hulsey said that she loves working at DHS because it is such a great environment and enjoys how the students, faculty, and community really love Decatur, finding it a joy to be able to contribute to it. Her favorite part about teaching is creating good relationships with her students, and it makes her so happy to see students come into her room, excited to be in class.

Living in Decatur, Mrs. Hulsey is happily married to her husband Chris, and they have a beautiful little girl, LilyAnne, who is almost two, and a couple of cats.

Congratulations to Mrs. Hulsey!